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September 08, 2018
cosmetic therapy

The Beauty of Cosmetic Therapy

Posted by Franklin Park

The Landing at Stone Oaks offers residents a fun, social event, Cosmetic Therapy! This activity includes pampering, relaxation, and socialization with make-up. Cosmetic Therapy is believed to help halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Other benefits include decreasing the risk of depression and assisting seniors to build self-esteem. This event encourages residents feel beautiful on the outside, even though they are also beautiful on the inside.

cosmetic therapyWith residents interacting socially and in a caring way with one another, it instills confidence while encouraging mental stimulation through verbal communication. During one of our Cosmetic Therapy events, the residents were putting on their own makeup, and some were trying different colors. Ladies at the event are always generously helping one another out, and it is always sweet to see the engagement with one another as they experiment with all of the color palettes and complement one another on aspects of the makeup.

Our ladies always have a wonderful time and are in high spirits. They genuinely enjoy the experience, and the looks on their faces are just too cute! One of our favorite parts of this event is that we do it as a group, and everyone participates in having a good time. 20180715_152420_HDR

We will be doing Cosmetic Therapy every other month. We are so thankful to Denise Garcia, the event leader. Before the activity, she leads the ladies in a brief warm-up of basic stretching to increase flexibility. Stretching also helps the residents to engage their motor skills.

Denise’s mother, Olga, is the Business Office Manager here at The Landing at Stone Oak. Whereas Denise works for Mary Kay cosmetics, she is able to help residents feel comfortable and beautiful during the therapy. Following the makeup event, the ladies get to play Cosmetic Bingo! Each bingo square is a different makeup related item, and the prizes consist of actual Mary Kay supplies!

We love doing everything we can to help our residents and encourage positive actions. With Cosmetic Therapy, we can help residents feel better about their appearance while benefiting their health and building self-esteem. If you have a loved one that could benefit from similar activities, be sure to contact us today!

cosmetic therapy


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