A Day in the Life of Independent Living

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Senior living communities have a wide array of options available to residents that are looking to move-in. Independent living communities are one of the most popular options for seniors that are looking to make the transition. With so many options available to choose from, it can be confusing to decide which experience is best for your lifestyle. 

Because the world of senior living is so vast and full of ever-expanding options, it can be difficult to discern one community from another. Franklin Park would like to dive further into independent living and what each resident receives in their experience with a quality senior living community.

What is Independent Living?

Franklin Park’s independent living is unique because it is one of the most hands-off options available to seniors in a community. Independent living means that residents will live on their own, without the help of a caretaker. While this may sound like your loved one is missing out on some additional support, it means that they'll have the freedom to do what they like, at their own leisure.


Many residents in senior living communities require assistance completing daily tasks such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking. While assisted living communities specialize in helping residents live their lives, independent living communities tend to focus on enriching the active lifestyle experience that many seniors cherish.

Residents that are active and enjoy living life on their own would prefer to live independently. Living independently allows you to live freely and participate in exciting activities that bring the community together. With a plethora of activities, programs, and amenities, the possibilities of independent living are endless.

What Are the Benefits of Independent Living?

While independent living options allow for a laissez-faire approach, there are many notable benefits that seniors can appreciate. From culinary services to athletic programs, senior living communities may offer much more than most people know.

Amenities offered by each community vary, but Franklin Park provides:

  • Dining services
  • Health and Fitness amenities
  • Business centers
  • Security
  • Social, mental, and spiritual services
  • Transportation
  • On-site shopping 

Many of the amenities of senior living communities are similar to ones that a luxury hotel may offer. Dining services provided can include luxurious features such as an espresso bar or an elegant bistro open to all residents. For residents that enjoy staying in the community, on-site shopping and business centers are available so they can get everything done in one place.

The Independent Living Experience

When researching senior living communities, it is important to imagine living in a place that you are comfortable and feel at home. Deciding to move into a community is a significant decision so you want to make sure that you are moving into an independent living community that will enrich your life. 

Franklin Park offers an immersive experience that you’re sure to love. With lush landscapes, elegant architecture, and a friendly team, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the experience our community offers. In our community, we believe that aging isn’t a bad thing, but a thing to celebrate and enjoy.

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Residents that choose to live independently aren’t necessarily alone. With an entire community of active seniors, every neighbor is a potential friend. By participating in gatherings and events, residents can meet neighbors and begin to make long-lasting relationships that bolster the pleasant and engaging experience that Franklin Park offers.

Franklin Park encourages you to contact us to request additional information about our community and the independent living experience. Speak to a professional and learn more about the community that’s perfect for you today.

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