Independent Living Communities Should Not “Sell Care”

Posted by Franklin Park on May 15, 2018 7:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

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There has been a debate around the senior living industry regarding whether the primary goal is to sell hospitality or sell care. According to Senior Housing News, the industry has been making huge mistakes in the way they position themselves in the public eye. For Franklin Park, we always keep in mind how we can best serve our residents first, and then focus on implementing care needs, both of which are essential factors. If you take a look at independent living communities for seniors, the target goal should always be the engagement for the residents living there. We focus on ways to assuage the resident mentally and ensure medical needs are served. 

We need to focus on selling the quality of life in a community for independent living seniors. If we emphasize social activities and active lifestyles, then take a look at healthcare needs, we can portray an accurate image of what residents truly want. According to the founder of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC),

“Ultimately, the premise and promise [of senior living] is social engagement, connection—and care is sort of the side piece.” 


With the goal of care that focuses on personalized and individualized aging for independent living communities, we can appeal to your loved ones wants and needs. A personalized engagement activity can take many forms, but it is essentially just a one-on-one discussion between staff and resident to truly get to know each other. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? To be connected and felt known by those around us.


What if the senior in your life could lead a lifestyle of sophistication and class even in their moments of aging? When living independently in a community, the resident tends to focus more on the design and amenities. At Franklin Park, we take into deep consideration our lifestyle initiatives.

“We’re proud to offer a wide array of activities, outings, services, and amenities to our residents, as part of the ‘whole-person’ philosophy that drives everything we do.”


When you emphasize hospitality, you are diving into the service industry. Our staff and residents are part of the same Franklin Park family, but we were taught to respect our elders. We show our focus on serving with our delicious and nutritious dining amenities, senior-friendly fitness amenities, affair handling business amenities, emergency response security amenities, social and spiritual amenities, transportation services, and on-site shopping boutiques. Aging may be inevitable, but it does not have to be deprived of exceptional experiences and active services.

Personal Aging

Most other communities in the senior living industry are making the mistake of selling care and not selling service. Just because our residents are older and have a need for healthcare services does not mean our main focus should be that. We can cater to serving their health needs all while pleasing their sophisticated hospitality wants. Franklin Park wants all our residents and their families to receive the luxurious levels they want while being safe and feeling comfortable.

Does your loved one appreciate the finer things, but is also looking for a level of community in a safe environment? Find your closest independent living community and schedule a visit today!


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