Navigating Senior Veteran Benefits

Posted by Franklin Park on Oct 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

First and foremost, Franklin Park Senior Living would like to thank all of the brave men and women who have served, and those continuing to serve our country. If you are a senior veteran, you may not be fully aware of what benefits you are eligible for, or how to properly apply and collect your veteran benefits.

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3 Steps to Help Your Loved One Avoid Scams

Posted by Franklin Park on Apr 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Are your parents targets for scammers? While all scams are terrible, ones that target senior citizens can be the worst. Oftentimes the adult children are the ones left to evaluate and determine precisely what happened. At Franklin Park, we understand the devastation that scams can put your loved one through and we aim to educate our residents about how to prevent possible scams. We’d like to share a few great ways to limit the financial damage of your loved one and prevent them from being scammed again!

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How the Greatest Generation is Great at Saving Money

Posted by Franklin Park on Jul 15, 2018 8:00:00 AM

The Greatest Generation is great at saving money because they had to be. They grew up in a time of economic turmoil in America. They were raised in the Great Depression, where every penny counted and you had to carefully budget for your family’s well-being. Then they had to deal with World War II where most funds were shoveled towards the war. The Greatest Generation dealt with all this and were still able to survive becoming amazing senior citizens. If your older loved ones were able to save and have made it to this same point, it could be time where you may have to manage or assist them with their finances. Once you know the various factors that go into it, you need to budget their finances like they did. So, how did they end up saving money?

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5 Creative Ways to Pay for Independent Living Services

Posted by Franklin Park on Oct 15, 2017 7:00:00 AM

As you get older, you may find that you need extra support with everyday activities or you may no longer want to deal with home maintenance and upkeep. While you do not need nursing or medical care, you could use help with transportation, laundry, meal preparation, and other essentials of living. Alternatively, perhaps you could use more companionship or would like to make new friends. Independent living communities, like Franklin Park Senior Living, can provide a new living environment that fulfills these needs. When the time comes that new care is needed, Franklin Park Senior Living also offers assisted living and memory care services.

While you may find the idea of an independent living community attractive, how do you pay for it? Let us discuss several ways to pay for independent living that you might not have previously considered.

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6 Things You Need To Know Before You Manage Your Parent's Finances

Posted by Franklin Park on Jul 3, 2017 9:48:47 AM

Eventually, the time will come when your parent is no longer able to manage their money. It may be sudden or gradual, depending on the situation. The prospect of managing someone else's money can be stressful or intimidating for some people, but with the proper preparation, it does not have to be. How well the situation goes depends on how familiar you are with the things you need to know – before taking over someone's finances. 

Here are some things you should know before the situation arises and it is necessary for you to step in and manage your parent’s finances.

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Medicaid, Your 401(k), and Assisted Living

Posted by Franklin Park on Jan 1, 2017 6:20:00 AM


As you are probably aware, Medicaid provides free or low-cost care for the elderly and currently gives coverage to more than 4.6 million seniors. Unfortunately, for in-need seniors, it is not as simple as filling out some paperwork and receiving free living. To complicate matters, while nursing homes accept Medicaid, it is generally not available for use at any assisted living facilities or in-home care.

To apply for Medicaid, you will need first to decide if your assets are low enough to qualify for coverage. We recommend a trip to your financial advisor and some additional research. To help with the initial research, let’s first look at how Medicaid eligibility works: 

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The Plight of the Baby Boomer

Posted by Franklin Park on Oct 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Baby Boomers are defined as being born between the years of 1946 and 1964. This generation includes around 76 million Americans. This year, the oldest of boomers are celebrating their milestone birthday of 70; and the youngest is now 52 years old, not yet eligible to become an AARP member.

So what makes a baby boomer? After World War II ended and as America was improving from the Great Depression, people celebrated. It was a time of peace, of recovery and most of all: love. This time of celebration resulted in a sharp increase or "boom" of babies being born and marked the beginning of this generation. As these babies are now the next generation of seniors, what struggles are they facing?

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