What to Buy Your Senior For Christmas

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The Christmas season is a magical time that makes us reminisce about childhood memories. Seniors are no different! While the reason for the season is not about presents, it is rewarding to give gifts and “make someone’s day”. Seniors are sometimes difficult to buy for, so we’ve put together a list of suggestions to help you find the perfect gift for your loved one!

Gifts for Memory Improvement

Multiple studies encourage seniors to exercise their brain, just like you would any other muscle. Keeping your mind sharp by doing exercises can go a long way to slow dementia and efficiently keep Alzheimer's symptoms at bay. An excellent idea is a jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles come in a variety of complexities, from simple to complex. A single person can complete puzzles, but more complicated ones make for a fun, intergenerational, family night. For those whose seniors are more tech-savvy, consider buying them a tablet (such as an iPad) as a gift. Tablets have large screens and endless amounts of senior-friendly apps to challenge cognition and encourage thinking.

 Gifts for the Practical Senior

While your senior may not want anything extravagant, there may be certain items they use daily such as pillows, blankets, coffee mugs or even a cell phone. An idea which comes in a variety of useful items is photo gifts. Companies like Shutterfly.com do everything from personalized photo mugs and canvases to pillows and blankets! You can customize all of these gifts with texts and family photos. If you plan on ordering from Shutterfly, be sure to take advantage of their discount codes and fast shipping!

 Gifts to Encourage Play

Children aren’t the only ones who love toys! As we age, we never lose our desire for playtime. Giving the gift of toys is sure to brighten anyone’s day. Seeing a hole in the market, companies like Hasbro have begun to make toys specifically for seniors. This year they are debuting the Companion Pup. The Companion Pup is a life-like stuffed animal that barks, has a heartbeat and reacts to people’s voices. Another great option is LEGOs, which allows seniors to express their creativity through building. LEGO has even created themed kits that might be more appealing to adults like this LEGO bird model.

 The Gift of Quality Time

Finally, something that will fit into anyone’s budget is the gift of quality time. This gift can be as cheap or as extravagant as you would like and is often the most memorable. If your loved one would not like any of the above suggestions, consider just spending time with them. Some senior-friendly activities might include reminiscing about the past, completing a craft, visiting their favorite restaurant or even taking a nature walk. What activity will work best is entirely dependent on what type of senior your loved one is and the relationship you have with them.

No matter what gift you decide to give, make sure you cherish another year with family and remember what counts!

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