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May 15, 2017

6 Tips for Moving Your Parent Into Assisted Living

Posted by Franklin Park

Moving can be an intimidating process, and one of the things we hear from regularly from our potential residents’ family members is ‘How do I move my parents into assisted living?’. It’s a complicated question with many different ways to look at it. We understand that it is an emotional time for both parent and child as they work together to start a new life chapter.

So what are some things to make it easier?


It’s easy to get overwhelmed while packing, so take a systematic approach. First, focus on rooms and items that are not used frequently like a guest room or miscellaneous kitchen items. Leave any ‘essentials' (like medications) that are regularly used, out as long as possible.


Since this move will most likely require some downsizing, donate or give away items that your parent is not able to take. If they are items of sentimental value, first offer to family members who may also get pleasure from these heirlooms. For the items left over, donate them to a worthy cause like the SPCA or Women's Center. Another option would be to check with local churches as many also have thrift stores attached.


Ideally, to minimize stress, hire a moving company. Moving is a long and arduous process, and if you're able to, we recommend hiring professionals. If that's not in the budget, ask friends and family to help for a half of a day. The more people willing to help the faster the move can be completed and your parent can get settled in.


Remember to have your parent's address changed with any services or statements they receive. Examples of these services would be banking, credit cards, magazine subscriptions, or Amazon. Similarly, remember to cancel services they will no longer need, like electric, water, cable, and waste management.


To catch any mail you may have forgotten to change, be sure to contact USPS and set up mail forwarding. This is a free service that is valid for six months and can be configured online or at your local post office.


We are here to help, and we assist seniors in moving on a daily basis. Use us as a resource to answer any questions that may arrive as you begin the moving process. Our team is full of suggestions and recommendations.

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